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ISS Arboriculture has more than thirty years of extensive professional experience delivering arboricultural services throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on offering a full range of tree care services to both public and private sector organisations as well as to the domestic market.

Historically trees have been a low priority in urban management, with demands on infrastructure taking the bulk of the funds. However, there is an increasing body of evidence revealing that trees may be much more valuable than we thought; research shows that they can have an impact on climate change by reducing urban temperatures, and absorbing the impact of rainwater runoff creating safer, more comfortable living conditions. They also absorb polluting particulates, increase ecological diversity and have a significant impact on human health; people that live and work near trees are happier and healthier.

However, despite these benefits, the presence of trees do present an increased risk of damage to buildings through tree growth and of injury to people if they fail, and the law requires an owner to take reasonable care to identify possible causes of foreseeable danger and take appropriate steps to remove them, as far as reasonably possible.

ISS Arboriculture is ideally positioned to maximise the benefit of trees for our clients, in addition to mitigating the risks posed.

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