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Housing Association

The environment in which we all live is the most important factor to our well being and ISS Landscaping contributes in no small way to many local communities through its work on housing estates and associated areas.
We aim for safe, attractive and fit for purpose open spaces, communal and play areas.
With this in mind we ensure that all our staff are vetted to the appropriate standard, including CRB checks and are trained to work in environments where families spend their recreational time.
We operate housing contracts across Scotland, England and Wales, covering some 47,000 properties in all. Our skilled teams work from 70 depots situated across the country, so that we minimise travelling time and use of fuel.
Our equipment is purchased new at the start of the contract and is maintained by our network of workshops, with fully trained mechanics to service and repair where necessary.
ISS Landscaping is fully committed to maintaining and improving the living environment of our customers. To this end we engage in added value projects, where we work in partnership with our clients to re-furbish and/or enhance a particular area around housing.
Tennant participation, having been a new thing a few years ago, has now become the norm and the staff at ISS Landscaping actively seek participation in such forums. We look to forge a partnership with the end user and to react to the issues that matter at a local level.

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