Our People

ISS employs over 520,000 people worldwide.  In the UK alone our teams comprise over 42,000 staff.  ISS Landscaping has over 1500 trained and skilled, core and seasonal staff, who all share one common goal, which is to bring our customers exceptional services which fulfill all their needs. 
Our customers choose us because, every day, they see the results of our employees' work.  Without our staff, we simply couldn't give our customers the quality solutions they deserve.  So it's only right that we respect our employees, manage them professionally, reward them fairly and give everyone the opportunity to shine. That's not just good news for ISS.  It's great news for customers.  Because when our employees are happy, our customers are happy too.
To ensure our people get the most from working at ISS and our customers enjoy quality services, we:
  • Focus on health and safety - working safely or not at all
  • Set development goals based on the needs of our customers
  • Encourage individuals to act in our customers' best interests
  • Identify and nurture talent
  • Celebrate and reward achievement
  • Engage with employees through 'Our People Survey'.

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