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Corporate Responsibility

At ISS, we strive to achieve ethical, sustainable surroundings which create a lasting first impression, whilst also allowing us to give something back to the environment.

It’s your responsibility to run your business in the greenest way possible: customers don’t look kindly upon the environment having to suffer as a result of what you do.  What’s more, your policies are reflected upon them, so it’s important to provide a service that’s both honest and considerate.

The beauty of ISS is that we go a long way to help you meet your targets.  We bypass red tape by providing a sustainable service, with the accreditations to prove it. We recognise the handling of green waste and pesticide reduction as being amongst the key environmental concerns for our customers, and we won’t compromise the relationships we’ve built with our clients by allowing ISS standards to be anything but strict.  And when it comes to fulfilling health and safety requirements, it goes without saying: our teams are valuable to us.  Our aim is to ensure that all our employees return home safely from work each and every day.

We provide a professional business solution on a grand scale, which means ensuring that all certifications and regulations are adhered to.  Having achieved ISO 14001 accreditation, ISS can guarantee the best environmental care for our clients – as well as going some way in helping them to achieve their own targets.

A lot of companies will tell you about their commitment to the environment.  The difference with ISS is that our feelings on the subject are absolutely genuine, or else we wouldn’t be where we are today.

For further information on our Corporate Responsibility activities please view the UK Corporate Responsibility Section on our Corporate web-site.

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